True Tales of the Trout Cod and other Australian Native Fish

True Tales of the Trout Cod Book

The catalyst for developing the True Tales Videos, True Tales Catchment Booklets and True Tales River Histories was the desire by Will Trueman and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority to turn the 750 page Lost World: A history of the trout cod and other native fish in the Southern Murray- Darling Basin book, into a range of products for different audiences. The content of the book is superb, but rather overwhelming to all but the most passionate of fish researchers.

To enable many people to access this wonderful book, the Australian River Restoration Centre team worked with Will to produce a range of new products that are now brought together on this website.

We were also committed to ensuring the original book was kept intact. To do this we gave the book a thorough edit and comprehensive index enabling it to be easily searched. This took considerable time and effort, but the end result is the 'Lost World' book broken up into chapters and remaining true to the content and style of the author Will Trueman.

front cover What they now call a Trout Cod was back then the Rock Cod. I've seen them caught in recent years, it's the same fish, there's no mistaking them. - Bert Carmody, Wangaratta, Ovens River Catchment, December 2007

Download » The whole True Tales of the Trout Cod book (pdf 41.6mb) or as chapters below.