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Goulburn River Catchment History

Goulburn Catchment MapFish caught in the Goulburn catchment

This story appeared in the Argus, 5 January 1916

A party from Seymour, comprising Messrs. M. Geoghegan, F. Young, H. Gates and A. Walkingshaw, undertook a trip down the Goulburn River during the holidays. They launched their boat above the Acheron River beyond Alexandra, and proceeded down-stream to Seymour, a distance of about 160 miles. The journey was undertaken by some of the members of the party in the Christmas of 1914, when the river was very low, and difficulty was experienced in getting through. On this occasion no trouble was met with, the stream being navigable the whole distance, although a little rapid in places, where care had to be exercised.

The country presented a striking contrast to its condition at the same time last year. The grass along the flats on the upper Goulburn has scarcely lost its verdure, and the stock are in splendid condition. A marked feature of the journey was the absence of rabbits along the banks of the stream. The trip was a sporting one, fishing being the main amusement. Each day "spinning" was indulged in whilst the boat was drifting with the stream. In all 88 cod were secured, their weights ranging from 2 1/2lb. to 18lb., as many as 18 being caught in a morning's fishing. The party arrived at Seymour on Sunday evening.

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