True Tales of the Trout Cod and other Australian Native Fish

Upper Murray River Catchment History

Upper Murray Catchment Map

This story appeared in the The Queenslander, 19 July 1879

An hour’s ferreting through the almost impenetrable scrub of this gully brought me at last to the valley, and I stood on the brink of the “young Murray.”

Those who have only seen this, Australia’s finest river, in its ugliest portion – that is, where it flows through the level country from, say, Echuca to Swan-hill, or even further, to the junction of the Murrumbidgee – can have no idea of the beautiful, bright, mountain rivulet it is in this valley. I have travelled its whole length, even almost every mile, from its extreme source at Kosciusko’s foot to its embouchure into Lake Alexandrina in South Australia, and a more interesting journey I cannot conceive any naturalist to take.

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